The Voices of Native American Art





Native American artists have strong voices. Each artist uses their individual voice in unique ways, from contemporary extensions of traditional art forms to the inventive use of modern materials. But, in all cases, whatever medium is used to carry the voice (paint, clay, beads, stone, horn or metal) there is a strong cultural connection to the history, present and future, of our vibrant Native communities. 

The Voices of Native American Art–Telling Our Story, an exhibit featuring original, fine and contemporary Native American art, will be on display July 23–October 8, 2017, at the Oshkosh Public Museum. This unique exhibition will feature a broad variety of artwork from living Native artists who are members and descendants of different Native American Nations, many with deep connections to the Lake Winnebago watershed. 

Water and the waterways have connected Native American people since the beginning and they continue to connect us today. One can follow the Fox River from Lake Winnebago to Green Bay and Lake Michigan. From there, the rest of the world is available. 

Humans, trade and ideas have navigated these waterways for thousands of years. This watershed continues to transport our dreams and carry our culture; taking us proudly into the future while connecting us to our past and to each other. 

Each artist in The Voices of Native American Art–Telling Our Story has a strong message to share. Look deeply at each art piece, listen for the whispers of the past and the joyous celebration of the future. Hear the Native stories from their point of view. They have much to share.

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